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US Economic Chartbooks
Please see our Economic Week Ahead Chartbook for a discussion of next week's economic releases provided in a visually friendly format that includes graphs, brief descriptions of SMR's forecasts, and links to detailed data previews. If you missed anything from last week, see our Economic Week in Review Chartbook for a look back at the releases with links to full analyses.
Aug  18  

China Again Largest Foreign Holder of Treasuries
Key Takeaways:
--Foreign investors increased their Treasury holdings by $47.7 billion in June, with China accounting for most of the increase.
--China's Treasury holdings have been climbing since its foreign exchange reserves bottomed in January. More timely custody account data indicate we will see further increases in China's Treasury holdings in July.
Aug  15  
Treasury Market

Fixed Income Focus: Flight To Safety Bid Spurs Solid Refunding Demand
The belly of the curve led flight-to-safety related Treasury gains this past week as yields fell to 10-week lows out through the 5-year (as of early Friday afternoon), and 7-week lows further out the curve.

The Refunding auctions found good overall demand this past week and very good Indirect demand. That is also a positive sign ahead of the month-end 2-year, 5-year, and 7-year note auction cycle, which often closely tracks the buyside demand at the mid-month auctions.
Aug  11  
Fixed Income Focus

The Debt Limit: Thinking About the Unthinkable
Our base case is that Congress will raise the debt limit in time to avoid defaulting on its obligations. However, given the deepening dysfunction in Washington, it won't be easy and there is a chance that a plan B will need to be implemented. FOMC transcripts from August 2011 signal what the back-up plan could be.
Aug  10  
Treasury Market

June JOLTS-Record Opening, Evidence of Shortage Qualified Workers
Key Take-Aways
(1) June Openings +461,000 to Record High 6.163 mln
(2) Hires -103,000, Separations -21,000
(3) Quits -72,000, Layoffs +28,000
(4) Gross Turnover -124,000
(5) Net Turnover at +132,000
Aug  8  

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Monday, 21 Aug
Chicago Fed National Activity Index  Jul   DUE Vs Prev's 0.13
  Treasury will announce a 4-week bill auction
  Treasury will hold 3-month and 6-month bill auctions
  Freddie Mac will announce reference bills